Meet the Carnival Guy

Created by a sixteen year old

The story of Carnival Guy dates back to 2010. It was that year, fourteen year old Zach Haney, planned a carnival for the guests at the Topeka Rescue Mission.  After planning that carnival for two years, Haney realized his passion for event planning and decided to launch his own business. 

In 2012, the Carnival Guy was created and started with just a cotton candy machine and snow-cone machine. In less than two years the Carnival Guy would be recognized and Zach Haney would be named "One of America's Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year". 


Today, the Carnival Guy provides over sixty different services and works on hundreds of events per year. 

Zach Haney
Chief Enthusiasm Officer
Nick Haney
Master of Entertainment
Chelsea Stringfellow
Event Planner


This is key to a successful relationship, therefore, we are honest about everything we do. Our work would not be the same without it.

Hard Work

Our staff and employees work hard to do the job right. They arrive before the sun rises and stay long after its gone, giving up holidays and weekends to ensure your event is provided for.  We value our help and are grateful.


Being dedicated to our work allows us to provide the best products, which means we go the extra mile to keep the customer happy.


This is one of the most important, we make sure the event is safe and client understands the correct procedures to setting up and running the equipment.

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